Achieving Food Hygiene Rating level 5

Achieving Food Hygiene Rating level 5

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Food hygiene ratings are important, as many customers ordering food, or eating out will choose establishments with high food ratings. Achieving food hygiene level 5 will show your clientele, you are committed to good hygiene practices and set you apart from your competitors.

The rating scheme is more than just a sticker in your window. It shows potential customers you are managing well potential food safety risks. The achieving food hygiene rating level 5 course provides overviews of what the scheme is. Explores not only the scoring criteria, but how they are assessed by inspectors. Furthermore it provides practical advice on how to ensure your premises gets the best possible rating to improve your earning potential.

Those completing this course may also find the level 2 food safety course, and allergen awareness course of interest.

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Achieving Food Hygiene Rating level 5

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