Allergen Awareness

Allergen Awareness

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Allergen awareness training for those working in the food industry is vital. We have all heard of cases where food has not been prepared in a safe environment. Where there has been cross contamination, or incorrect labeling. All of these errors could lead to a serious life threatening reaction, which could cause severe disability or even death.

Allergies occur when the persons own body has an overwhelming reaction to a substance. Allergies are on the increase, which is why it’s especially vital for those working in the food industry to be aware of.

Our allergen awareness course will look at the most common allergens. Firstly it will highlight the difference between an intolerance, and an allergy. It will give you information about the legislation governing food additives and look at practical steps to reduce the allergen risks. Finally it will consider both internal and external monitor and control systems.

Additionally, you may also find our level 2 food safety course, and achieving food hygiene rating level 5 course of interest.

This allergen awareness training is approved by the Institute of Hospitality. Our approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and distributed under licence. .

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Allergen Awareness

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