Level 2 Citizen Aid Course (Accredited)

Level 2 Citizen Aid Course (Accredited)

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Would you know how to react in the event of a terrorist attack? It has become apparent over recent times that civilians can save life, and limbs due to terror attacks with first aid measures. Citizen Aid was created by highly trained military professionals in addition with civilian experts. Our level 2 citizen aid course aims to teach the public life saving skills in extreme situations. The course itself is based on the citizen aid phone app. The course is a national accredited qualification and will give you the skills and also the knowledge to deal with the aftermath of a terror attack.

You will be required to download the Citizen aid app onto your phone, tablet or mobile device prior to attending the course. Some of the images and video footage shown during the citizen aid course may cause some distress.

Three of our instructors are ex police with direct experience in this field. In addition to the standard citizen aid course we also add additional value by also covering:

  • National and international Government position on terror
  • Scenario based training
  • Additional footage and discussions based on shopping mall incidents, school/college attacks, large office incidents
  • Emphasis on trauma wounds

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Level 2 Citizen Aid Course (Accredited)

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