Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

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Nearly everyone comes into contact with customers in some way. This could be face to face in your organisation, whilst dealing with email inquiries or possibly over the phone. Many other business may be offering the public a similar service or product. The challenge, is undoubtedly trying to get those potential clients to your business. Clearly, one way to encourage that is by excellent customer service.

In giving your potential clients the best customer service you can, you are without a doubt already ahead of the game. Imagine you were making contact with businesses with a view to purchasing an item or service. If the phone was answered by someone who sounded miserable and disinterested you probably wouldn’t consider using that company. Conversely, imagine you rang and the person on the phone was cheerful, went out of the way to be helpful and remembered your name. You would be far more likely to want to conduct future business with them.

Customer service training would be useful to the following staff:

  • Shop or store front staff
  • Call centre workers
  • Online support staff
  • Anyone self employed (cleaners, builders, trades personnel)
  • Restaurant waiting or bar staff
  • Customer service reps
  • Management
  • Contact negotiators
  • Sales staff

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Customer Service Training

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