Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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In the modern world more and more of us rely on our electronic devices. This means we are all at risk of cyber security issues. It is vital to protect your business, and yourself from cyber attack. You will be told why cyber attacks and data breeches happen, and given practical steps to avoid falling victim.

This short course identifies to employees, employers and managers the importance of guarding against such threats. As we all use electronics in our daily lives, many people become complacent and cyber criminals exploit on this.

Firstly, the cyber security online course begins by exploring the motivation for cyber criminals and identifying potential threats. You will be given practical advice and tips on how to set up good defenses, and how to report a cyber attack.

You will explore phishing attempts, and learn how to deal with them. Furthermore the course will discuss the importance of password security, ensuring the passwords are adequate. Looking at how to keep them secure on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Finally the course covers the importance of collaborative working and shows how this is a final step in your cyber security defenses.

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Cyber Security

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