Epilepsy Awareness: Online

Epilepsy Awareness: Online


The Epilepsy awareness online course will give an overview of the condition. Firstly looking at what epilepsy is, additionally at methods of diagnosis, and what a seizure is. Furthermore it will discuss possible triggers, treatment and practical advice.

Knowing what to do if someone had a seizure in the first place are essential skills. This enables you to take a proactive role in keeping the person as safe as possible.

It should be noted that there are around 40 types of seizures, and statistics show 1:5 people will experience a seizure in their lifetime.

Additionally if you would like to increase your knowledge our online first aid course or our onsite buccal midazolam training may be useful.

This epilepsy awareness online course is approved by CPD Certification Service. Our CPD approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and distributed under licence.

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Epilepsy Awareness: Online

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