Home Working Essentials: Covid 19

Home Working Essentials: Covid 19

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Even though your staff may be working remotely (at home) during this global pandemic, you are still responsible for their health and safety. It is important you have a plan in place to stay in touch, and decide if you need to adapt anything to make it safer.

For temporary, at home workers, employers wont need to complete a work station assessment. However, it would be prudent to give them the tools to help themselves. This could be by providing home working essentials training. If you were to invest in training now, don’t forget this would still be useful when they return back to the office!

To help you to look after staff and meet your employers requirement we have devised a home working essentials package. This online training bundle is made up of:

Each of these courses can be studied online via video learning, with multiple choice questions at the end of each module. All of these courses are accredited by industry experts and wont just be relevant for during home working. These courses will also be very useful when you are back to the office!

In buying the courses as a bundle, you will save yourself money. Infact in our bundle you are getting 30% off! The courses can be started immediately. You can even divide the courses amongst the team, if you wish! There are no limits on the amount of bundles you can buy so you may as well take advantage of the offer!

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Home Working Essentials: Covid 19

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