Visual Impairment Awareness

Visual Impairment Awareness


A half day Visual Impairment Awareness course, delivered in an informative style, together with plenty of hands on experience.

Students will have the opportunity to use simulation specs to uniquely gain an understanding of the types of difficulties individuals may face.  With this in mind they will be asked to undertake a number of daily activities whilst wearing the glasses. In particular reading a document, making a drink, preparing a sandwich, or paying with coins.

Students will additionally be taught the correct way to guide someone with a visual impairment and will be given the opportunity to practice this.

A certificate of attendance will be issued. This can be used to demonstrate that organisations are working toward non discriminatory practice. A handout will be given to each attendee.

If there is anything you would like us to add to the course content to tailor for your staff, then please discuss this with us at the time of enquiry.

Visual Impairment Awareness

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