Working at Height

Working at Height

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Working at Height applies to a wide range of situations ranging from working on platforms, ladders, scaffolds or stages right through to working alongside deep trenches. One of the crucial things about working at height isn’t how far you climb, but simply how far you may fall. ‘Falls’ doesn’t just refer to people falling from heights it also applies to objects such as equipment or materials that could fall and cause a hazard to those below.

There are a number of legislations within health and safety that refer to working at height, with most emphasis being placed on the Work at Height Regulations 2005. These regulations place legal duties on both the employers and employees to assess, control and minimise risks and hazards from undertaking work at height.

The Working at Height online training course covers a variety of topics specific to working at height including the dangers, the regulations, the hierarchy of controls, assessing risk and much more.

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Working at Height

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