Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

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This workplace Health and Safety training course is an ideal foundation to use as part of an induction programme. This course covers a broad range of subjects, and could be used as a stand alone course, or as part of a bespoke health and safety package.

If choosing to use as part of a package, you could tailor the course to add additional content specific to your area. For example the Personal safety for Lone Workers, abrasive wheels , or first aid courses.

The course content is broad enough to cover office, and retail environments, as well as factories, or workshops. On completion, the candidate will be aware of health and safety legislation, in addition to common workplace accidents.

It should be noted, the course includes the concepts of risk assessment. Along with essential actions that should be taken following an emergency situation.

The workplace health and safety training course contains specific case studies outlining the seriousness of health and safety breaches.

This course is approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. Our IIRSM approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and distributed under licence.

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Workplace Health and Safety

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