Are you full of Pride?

4 Jun 2019

June is pride month. This is a month long celebration for the LGBTQ community. The focus is on celebrating diversity, increasing awareness and encouraging the LQBTQ community to stand up and be proud.

Within the workplace we know its not only the LQBTQ community who may suffer from discrimination. People may also be discriminated against because of their gender, colour of their skin, race or a disability.

What is the difference between equality and diversity?

Essentially is it about accepting its ok to be different (diversity) and in fact celebrate it! In celebrating those differences each person must be treated the same and given the same opportunities (equality.)

Why is this important in the workplace?

There have been a number of acts within the workplace such as the Disability Discrimination Act, Race Relation Act and the Sex Discrimination Act. In 2010 a more recent act, the Equality Act was passed. This act replaces all previous laws and protects people from discrimination in the workplace.

Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is not only a legal requirement but can foster innovation, build cohesion, and enables you to better understand your customers needs.

Former NBA basketball player, English psychologist and openly gay man John Amaechi states…

I think diversity gives you more varied ways of combining ideas. Because there is a uniqueness that comes from personality, work experience and life experiences- all of these things.

That is the point of diversity, it cuts across all streams and gives you a breadth and depth of understanding in your work that you would not otherwise of had.

What do I do now?

Set off on the right foot by making sure staff are trained in equality and diversity. Our online course is completed in as little as 70 minutes, and is accredited by the CPD certification service.

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