Birthday News

5 Sep 2019

It’s been a while since the last news article was published, but we have certainly been busy behind the scenes! We will very soon be celebrating our 10th birthday!

Our History

Many of you will know the back story to Angel Training, but to those who don’t… I set up Angel Training after the loss of my son Noah. I decided to take our family tragedy and use it as a catalyst for change. Setting up Angel Training enabled me to build a business that was flexible around the needs of my family. 

As the business grew I realised I needed some additional support. Firstly we took on freelance trainers with backgrounds in the emergency services. Next to join the team was our administrator Sara. Many of you will have spoken to her as she’s in charge of bookings, certificates, invoices and reminders!

This enabled me to free up some time so I can concentrate on building the business. I can now work more on the future of Angel Training, and thinking about where next to take the business.

It’s now been 10 years and I am so very grateful. I would like to thank our customers, clients and colleagues for supporting us over the last decade. Angel Training has enabled me to grow as a women, a Mother, and a businesswomen. For that I give you my deepest thanks. 


As part of our birthday celebrations, we have extended the range of courses that we offer.  An extra 50 online courses in the fields of Health and Safety, Food Safety, Business Skills and safeguarding have been added. We have also launched Healthcare online courses too!

I know online training isn’t for everyone so we have also added mental health awareness training to our course catalog. With mental health affecting 1:4 of us, it’s more important than ever we learn how to signpost, and support those with mental health issues.

With Sepsis being a growing epidemic, we’ve also added Sepsis 6 training to our course repertoire.

Finally, in memory of Noah (and all our Angel babies) I am proud to announce I will now be working with the Foundation for Infant Loss. I have received safe sleep training and if required will now be able to advise early years settings about safe sleep practices as an addition to the first aid training.

As a team, we look forward to working with you for many years to come. 

Cheryl xx


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