Burns First Aid: 3 Simple things to know.

8 Oct 2021

As the long nights are drawing in earlier, and Halloween and Bonfire Night are rapidly approaching now is the time to make sure you could treat a burn. At this time of year the likely-hood of burns increases and without the appropriate burns first aid you could make it far worse .

Burns First Aid Treatment:

If you do sustain a burn here are a few important things to remember:

*If the burnt area is very large, or the person is a young child or elderly casualty there is a risk of hypothermia. When cooling the burn try to wrap the rest of the body in a blanket to keep them warm.

Follow Up

Remember to not pop any blisters and to avoid using any fluffy dressings, creams or lotions on the burn. You should always seek urgent medical advice from A&E if:

If you are worried or unsure you can always consult your pharmacist, GP, 111 or visit the local walk in clinic.

Burns first aid is covered in all our first aid courses, so if you feel you need a first aid update feel free to get in touch.


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