Internal Quality Assessors Findings

3 Dec 2021

In order to keep quality high, once a year all trainers are observed delivering training. I personally observe the team and provide feedback. Not only is it an effective way of checking skills it can also be useful to gain new ideas and different approaches to training.

This week the assessor came out to watch me deliver a blended paediatric first aid course. I never ask the team to do something I wouldn’t, so I also experience the same thing.

I was incredibly proud of the general comments made by the instructor so wanted to share them with you.

Overall Feedback..

Cheryl develops trust by establishing a rapport with students, an effective cornerstone of successful learning. By her positive demeanor and use of encouragement she creates an environment without a sense of fear attached to making a mistake. This encourages full participation of the students. Providing useful and action orientated feedback, and supporting them by praise, Cheryl helps students stay motivated throughout the day.

Utilizing real world experiences to everyone’s learning enhances, and inspires students emotional and rational desires to know the material.

Clear concise delivery and able to engage students with humour and a real personal connection. A strong classroom presence designed to inspire and create real interest in learning.

Celebrations ahead!

The year hasn’t been easy for everyone. I have sadly seen two close clients forced to permanently shut their doors due to the long term effects of covid restrictions on the business. I am truly honored to have weathered another year, our 12th year of trading.

To enter the final month of the year with such glowing feedback from the assessor is like icing on the cake. I think a small glass of something fizzy may be in order this weekend!

Thank you all for your continued support of my business,

Cheryl x


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