Is Your Time Running Out?

20 Jul 2020

As the economy starts to open up, and businesses are bringing staff back from furlough you need to turn your attention to not only COVID requirements, but also first aid. 

It’s likely that with staff absent, or your business not operating at 100% you hadn’t given much thought to first aid. However, the extension that was previous offered by HSE/Department of Education will cease on 30th September. 

Any first aid, or paediatric first aid certificates that were due to expire from March were extended until September. As long as you had tried to arrange retraining, but were prevented due to COVID restrictions. This means if you haven’t yet re arranged your first aid training you will need to do so now. It’s likely many people will need to be trained so act quickly by getting in touch to secure your date. 

Looking a Little Different

The course may look different than the way you have previously known. These changes are necessary for the safety of the attendees and trainer. PPE is provided during your course, for whenever social distancing can not be maintained. 

We have ran a few courses now and I’m pleased to report everyone has said they feel safe and are happy with the changes made under the new COVID guidelines. 

To help with reduced contact time our paediatric blended first aid courses have been very popular. You complete part online at your own pace in your own time, and the rest is tutor led in the classroom.

We are now able to offer the adult first aid courses as a blended option. Part will be conducted via an interactive session online and the practical parts in the classroom.

If blended courses aren’t your thing, don’t worry we can still offer solely classroom based courses. However, you may be surprised how popular the blended ones are!

HSE Guidance For those working in Adult settings.

The HSE issued guidance on first aid during the COVID pandemic. The full guidance can be found here. One of the important things is to make sure you have an up to date first aid needs assessment. It is also essential to practice good hygiene ensuring you wash your hands straight after the incident, and dispose of used first aid supplies.

If available in the setting, staff should wear the following when carrying out first aid:

It is also important to note HSE recommends that chest only CPR should be delivered during this time. This is alongside a defibrillator, if one is available. Due to the water droplets produced during chest compression’s, it’s recommended to cover the casualties mouth/nose with a piece of fabric such as a tea towel or triangular bandage while chest compression’s are delivered.  

For those working in Paediatric Settings:

It is well known that for children it is more likely to be a respiratory problem that has caused the collapse, as opposed to a cardiac cause. It is accepted by the Resuscitation Council that in doing rescue breaths although it may post a Covid transmission risk, it really is the only option to give a child a chance at life.


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