January 2021: Lockdown 3.0

14 Jan 2021

Many of us were keen to see the back of 2020 and were hopeful of better things for 2021. Sadly, this wasn’t meant to be as we enter this New Year with another lockdown!

As in previous lock-downs we have taken advice from the FAQP First Aid Quality Partnership. We have risk assessed the activities, and also spoken with the training team. At this time we are running courses if required, for essential settings where no other first aiders are available.

Certificate Expiry Dates:

HSE have not yet extended the first aid certificates past the 31st March deadline (or 6 months past your current expiry.) If the business is classed as essential (health, social care, education, EYFS, Factory, manufacturing, construction or an essential shop) and there is not enough first aiders then your course may run. We will need to discuss specifics with the client. The size of the room available would depend how many could attend, we may discuss blended options part online, part face to face.

If your business can run from home, or you have plenty of first aid staff we will postpone your courses. This is for the safety of both your staff, and the trainer at this current time.

Non First Aid Courses:

Any non first aid or basic life support courses we will be running virtually at this time. This may include, but is not limited to:

These are live lessons taught by zoom so you can interact with the trainer as if you were in the room with them. You will still have access to the same powerpoints, videos you would have in a normal session.

We do try to make the sessions as interactive as possible and will set small group work as well. We ensure video screen safety is adhered to and have regular screen breaks. Whilst we appreciate not everyone likes video style learning, at this time we feel it is the safest option for everyone involved.

We will of course keep you up to date as the situation changes, and hope we can “see” you soon whether that be virtually or in the classroom.

Stay safe



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