Resuscitation Guidelines 2021

18 May 2021

The long awaited resuscitation guidelines have been released for 2021. These guidelines will stay valid now for the next five years. The full document can be read here. There are no major changes to any of the algorithms for adults or children.

It is important to remember that most cardiac arrests will happen outside of a hospital environment. In most cases (around 7:10) a bystander will start CPR. However, despite many places having public access defibrillators (AED) they are only used once for every 10 casualties. 1:4 casualties have a shockable rhythm that could recover with the use of an AED. Always remember to shout for an AED and use it as soon as it arrives.

Currently there is still a small covid amendment to resus guidelines. This is due to the transmission risk of the virus during CPR. Latest statements on Covid 19 resources are here for you.

All of Angel Training’s courses focus on the importance of using an AED in conjunction with good quality CPR. If you feel you need to brush up on your skills, or indeed have put training on hold now is the time to refresh your knowledge. You can contact us directly using this contact form.


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