Sepsis: What you should know.

1 Jul 2019

According to the UK Sepsis Trust every year in the UK there are upwards of 200,000 definite cases of Sepsis per year. With an estimated 68,000 UK deaths.

Sepsis is a growing epidemic, as we know every year the amount of cases is rapidly increasing. Did you know?

“Sepsis claims more lives than lung cancer, and more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. It is now more common than heart attacks.”

Quote from UK Sepsis Trust Education Programme 2019.

It is a potentially life threatening condition where the body over reacts to an infection, causing it to injure its own tissues and organs. The body is beginning to fight itself.

Who is at risk?

There are a few groups who are more at risk, and these include young children, the elderly, those who have recently had surgery and those with compromised immunity. Such as those undergoing cancer treatment, those with HIV/AIDS or receiving immuno-therapy. Women who are pregnant, or recently have been, are also very vulnerable. 

There are a number of screening tools now available, and the NHS are recommending clinicians “Think Sepsis” and act quickly if they see any re flag warning signs. 

Guidelines state the Sepsis 6 protocol should be implemented within 1 hour to improve patient mortality.

What are the signs and symptoms? 

There is a great acronym to help you remember possible signs and symptoms in adults: 


What about in young children? 

Any child who has any of the following should be seen as an emergency, simply call 999 : 

Sepsis Training

Cheryl, has recently undertaken training with the UK Sepsis Trust, and has put together a small workshop for clinical staff in line with the Sepsis 6 bundle. We are also able to run longer workshops providing further training.

Did you know we have now added essential information about what signs to look out for to all our first aid courses? Why not take a fresh look at what we can offer you?


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