Spring has sprung!

1 Mar 2021

Spring has officially sprung and along with that, the buds of hope that we can soon resume to more normality!

A few of our team have had our first COVID vaccination so if you are thinking about booking training and catching up with those missed courses, we are here and looking forward to seeing you all!

Can all courses for work purposes go ahead?

Yes! At this stage some courses are still more appropriate to do virtually, if they do not have a practical element. For courses such as first aid that have a large practical element, this can not be done solely on line. Classroom sizes will depend on the type of space you have available.

We have an in depth COVID risk assessment and have a number of measures in place to help reduce risk. Among other things, they include higher manikin ratios, socially distanced work, increased hand hygiene, along with providing PPE.

Do I have to give breaths, during my training session?

This is not a simple cut and dry answer I am afraid! The First Aid Quality Partnership inline with HSE, have stated that for paediatric first aid training then yes, rescue breaths must be taught and assessed. This is due to the fact children are far more likely to have a respiratory arrest than a cardiac one.

For adult based courses the answer is possibly. The full guidance advice can be found here. Essentially it is up to each trainer, (or the training company) if it is felt rescue breaths can be given safely.

When will “open” courses resume?

Many of you may be aware that for the last 12 months we have not offered any open courses. An open course is where individuals can book a space and we provide the venue. We withdrew this as we were unable to access our normal venue during this time, and didn’t feel confident about bringing people from multiple settings together whilst trying to explore other suitable venues.

I am pleased to confirm that open courses are set to resume. We have decided our first course will be 25th September, this will be held in Kings Hill. The reason we are waiting until this point is because we are hopeful that there will be no restrictions. Please see the flyer to find out more. To book a space, or if you have any questions about returning to training then feel free to get in touch.


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