Top 10 tips: Make a success of the Christmas Party!

1 Dec 2018

Tis the session to be jolly! As the festive season is now upon us, so is the countdown to the work Christmas Party. These are our top tips to enjoying the night out without regretting it the following day!

1. If the party is company sponsored, the employer is accountable for health and safety!

For work social events such as Christmas parties, the employer is responsible for the staff health and safety. This means when choosing the venue they have to consider accessibility. It is also important the organisation has a policy on staff harassment/staff conduct. It may be sensible to re circulate this prior to the party, to advise staff what’s expected. We all know after a drink or two, people may not always act as expected and it’s important everyone feels safe and able to enjoy the event.

2. Save the facebook, insta and twitter posts until the next day!

Posting on social media channels, photos and your inner most drunk thoughts may seem a good idea, but you may live to regret it the next day. Don’t forget even though you may delete the posts the following morning, it doesn’t mean someone hasn’t screen shot them. So maybe re think the comment moaning about your colleagues and posting embarrassing photos of your boss!

3. Not everyone enjoys the festive period and those struggling with mental health may not be as joyful as you.

People may have a number of reasons for not enjoying the festive season. This could be due to loss of a loved one, or maybe family fractions. It could simply be, that when everyone else feels so jolly, it is an obvious reminder of the differences in how they feel. We have written previous blogs on how to help support someone with mental health worries which you can view here.

4. Ask for Angela.

If feeling unsafe ask the bar staff for Angela. This initiative began in 2016 with the aim to reduce sexual abuse and harassment on night outs.  They will be aware of the code and arrange for a taxi to be called and escort you safely into the cab.

5. Remember you may not be safe to drive the following day!

When drinking alcohol your liver has to break down the toxins. You can’t speed up the process so depending on how much you drank, over how long a period and your bodies ability to break it down, you may not be safe to drive the next day. Cold showers, coffee and sleeping it off, may make you feel better but do not speed up the liver processes. For more information check the drink aware website.

6. Spend as much time planning your journey home, as you spend on planning your outfit.

Think about how you will get home after your night out. Book your return taxi well in advance, and ensure you use a reputable company. See if anyone not drinking in the group is happy to give anyone a lift home. Do not wander of by yourself and try to stay in a group with friends. Don’t forget to stay to well lit areas. It’s important someone knows where you were going, and when you plan to get back. This could be a partner, house mate, parent or friend: Anyone that could raise the alarm if you don’t return home as expected.

7. Never head near open water when drinking alcohol

There has been cases of young men who wandered off after a night out walking by the river and tragically fell in and lost their lives. At this time of the year the water temperature is freezing. When you combine that with the effects of alcohol it can be fatal. Royal Life Saving Society have a campaign “Don’t drink and drown.” They state in a quarter of all drowning cases, the person has alcohol in their system.

8. A tipple to many?

It is all to easy, to not be aware of your alcohol tipping point. One minute you’re fine and the next feel drunk. No one wants to see you throwing up under the Christmas tree, so pace yourself! Avoid mixing drinks and try drinking a soft drink (or water) in between alcoholic ones. If someone does end up passing out instead of posting photos on social media (see tip 2) please place them into the recovery position.   When someone is unconscious its too easy for the airway to block from vomit and this could prove fatal in just a few minutes.

9. Climbing the cooperate ladder, or starting a downward slope?

Although it’s Christmas and it’s a party, it is still a WORK party! You don’t want to make a fool of yourself and at best look immature, and at worse look like you can’t conduct yourself professionally! You may have a major crush on your colleague and think the Christmas party is the time to make your move…think again. When your next facing them at the office water cooler will you be embarrassed about your actions? Likewise telling your colleagues a few drunken home truths, may seem a good idea at the time but less so, when a formal complaint lands on your desk Monday morning!

10. Secret Santa: Hit or miss?

It may seem a great idea to help spread the Christmas cheer, but some people may be easily offended. What you find funny, your colleagues may take real offence to. Sometimes there is a fine line between humour and offence or bullying so just think twice before buying your very serious boss edible lingerie!


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