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30 Mar 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept through the UK, we have entered a period of uncertainty. Schools have closed, businesses are working remotely and undoubtedly everyone is worried about the future.

Here at Angel Training we are following Governmental instructions to follow social distancing, and wash hands regularly. First Aid is not a course that adheres well to social distancing, and for that reason all official first aid courses have been postponed.

Any courses relating to medical or healthcare fields, are able to continue. This is to ensure medical professionals are able to maintain compliance and to help the nation. If you have a health professional course you would like to proceed with, we are here to support you.

Additionally, if you have a non practical on site course booked, such as safeguarding, or epilepsy training then we are able to deliver as planned as we can stick to social distancing rules.

Online Training

We have added more courses to our online suite in recent months. There are now an impressive 92 courses across a multitude of topics. To help we have compiled packages tailored for each setting. These packages work out cheaper than buying the courses alone. They can be used for the whole team, and are a great way to stay compliant during these stressful times.

There is no expiry date on the course packages so you could buy them in this financial year, even if you are too busy to begin them now!

You can buy this bundle from this link.
This bundle is ready to purchase and can be found here.
Interested in this bundle? Click this link to buy.

We hope you all stay well and are looking forward to seeing you all after lockdown!


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