Attendees for the First Aid courses have all enjoyed themselves

It’s been a pleasure to arrange training for our staff and students with Cheryl from Angel Training. She has always provided clear details of the courses available, tariffs and advice on what best suits our company. The attendees for the First Aid courses have all enjoyed themselves and found that the trainer was more than competent. the course was very well organised and taught dynamically in an interesting way that helped them memorise all topics and feel prepared for the final exam.

It’s very easy to book the Online Fire Marshal course and then assign the licences to the various employees who immediately receive a notification email with their usernames and passwords. All topics are clearly explained and the videos can be viewed as many times as needed. The fact that there are tests after few sessions makes it easier for the learner to focus on the different aspect of safety involved and the final interactive test is very helpful to memorise the different actions to take, and most of all the right extinguisher to use. It’s a very useful course, even though some people may prefer to attend a live course.