Really enjoyed it! Didn’t expect to say that about First Aid

Here at The Homefinding and Fostering agency we have to keep our Foster carers up to date with their knowledge of First Aid. Over the years we have used a number of different training providers, but we have now ended our search and shall continue to use Cheryl Parkes at Angel Training. Our carers feedback from her courses have been extremely positive, they have said things like; “Cheryl has made a quite tedious but necessary subject very interesting”, and “really enjoyed it! Didn’t expect to say that about First Aid”, also “I have retained more information from Cheryl than I have ever before from First Aid trainers.

What I found personally was that Cheryl was able to put her experience as a nurse into the training course which made the subject ‘real’. Also from my perspective as Training Co-Ordinator, Cheryl is very professional and keeps the attendees focused, which can be a difficult task sometimes.