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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

Analysing our visitors:

We measure visitors to our website using Google Analytics. This records what pages you view within our site, how you arrived at our site and some basic information about your computer. All information is anonymous – so we don’t know who you are; just that somebody visited our site.

The information we collect from analytics helps us understand which parts of our site are of particular interest, how people arrive at our site and so on. Like most websites, we use this information to make our website better.

You can learn more about Google Analytics or opt out if you wish.

Social media networks:

Social networks provide serveral social features which we use on our website – such as the Facebook and Twitter buttons.

We embed the code that they provide into our website and do not control this code ourselves. In order to work, their buttons generally know if you’re logged in to your social media account; for example, Facebook use this to say “x of your friends like this”. We do not have any access to that information, nor can we control how these social networks use it.

Social networks therefore could know that you’re viewing this website, if you use their services.

Customer Privacy Notice

Whilst dealing with us, we will ask you to provide us with some personal information relating to your business and your staff. (Your Personal Data).  Our customer privacy notice is important as it allows us to explain to you what we will need to do with Your Personal Data, how we will store it and the various rights you have in relation to Your Personal Data.

Our full privacy notice can be found here.

Updates to this policy:

We may update this privacy policy from time-to-time, particularly as technology changes. You can always check this page for the latest version.