Angle Training

Terms & Conditions

All training courses booked for Angel Training by the Client shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions

General Points
This contract is made between Angel Training and the Client specified on the booking form. The person signing for and on behalf of the Client warrants to Angel Training that they have the authority to do so. If applicable certificates will be issued once full payment has been received. For replacement certificates a fee may be charged, this will be discussed at the time of request. Prices depend on type of certificate needing to be replaced. Angel Training’s courses are constantly reviewed and improved and therefore we reserve the right to alter course content without prior notice.

Cancellation/Non-Arrival Charges
In the event of cancellation of any booking or non-arrival by the Client, the Client shall pay to Angel Training a cancellation/non-arrival fee. 

Cancellation of event

1 week before course – 100% of anticipated revenue

All cancellations should be confirmed in writing.

Angel Training reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without liability on their part in the event of any damage or destruction of the Venue (or significant part thereof) by fire or other causes, any shortages of labour or food suppliers, strikes, walkouts or industrial unrest or any other cause beyond their control which prevent Angel Training from performing its obligations in connection with any booking.

Onsite Prices & Deposits

For large groups of 36 or more, a deposit of 50% shall be payable at the time of booking. These bookings will not be deemed as confirmed until deposit is received. For all courses, final payment is due within 28 days of receipt of an invoice post course delivery.  Any queries should not affect immediate payment of outstanding amounts.  

Prices quoted are for the course and remain the same even if the course is not full to capacity.

Late payment administration charge of £15 is applied to any invoice which is not settled by 31 days. In addition to the administration charge, interest will be charged at a rate of 8% plus the Bank of England base rate on the overdue amounts. The amount will be calculated daily, and additional invoices will be sent at the end of each week until the total amount is received.

Blended Courses

For courses that are completed partly online, payment is taken prior to releasing the online work. Please note, for blended first aid courses, students must complete the online work, and the trainer led day to be eligible for a full certificate. If they do not attend the practical trainer led day, they will not be issued with a certificate. In the event this occurs, no refunds will be given, and they will need to attend another practical day. Extra charges may apply if you do not have another scheduled course within the next 4 weeks they can move to. 

Online work for the blended courses must be completed no later than 3 working days prior to the practical day. Angel Training will keep checking progress of the attendees and will keep the client informed. If the students do not complete the work within the scheduled time limit, they may not be able to attend the practical day, and no refund will be given. In the event this situation is likely to occur, Angel Training will inform the booking client. The decision whether to extend the deadline is at the sole discretion of Angel Training and will vary according to circumstance. 

The client will be provided with the license codes to pass to their team to log in and begin work. In the event an individual uses more than one code, the client will need to pay for an additional code. To avoid this, please ensure each person is only provided with one code. 

Online Courses

For our online suite, all courses must be paid for in full prior to the course being accessed. During the courses you will be permitted three resits, to achieve the pass mark. If you fail to do this, the course cannot be reset a fourth time. At this point you will be required to purchase a new license and start the course again. Once successfully completed you will be able to download a certificate direct from the learner portal. 

All our online courses are sold under a distributor license. As such the third party Videotile Learning or E Learning may be party to some of your information. Namely your name, email, test results and your telephone number. As your personal details are entered directly by yourself into their software, we do not have sole control of the use of this data. We have confirmed with both parties they will not sell on your data, and it will only be used for their own legitimate business data. 

Angel Training has public liability insurance to cover any damage to the venue caused directly by the training. Any such damage or injury to a third party is also covered with an indemnity limit of £5 million; copies of this will be made available on request.

Data Protection/GDPR

Whilst working with you we may be given access to some personal information relating to your business and your staff. This may include:

  • Title, names, and signature
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone number

We will retain copies of your register, evaluation forms, exam papers, and contact details for the duration of your certificate validity. This varies on a case by basis but is to a maximum of three years. After this time the paperwork will be securely destroyed. Any financial data such as copies of invoices, will be stored for a period of seven years, after which time it will be securely destroyed.

Your data, such as names and exam results may be shared with the awarding organisations, or internal quality assessor for the purposes of issuing your certificates. If your event was sponsored by a private health company, they will be given the names of attendees- We will inform you if this is relevant to your booking. We will only request personal details that are essential to our services.

At any time, you can:

  • Request copies of your personal data. 
  • Ask us to explain how we use your data.
  • Ask us to correct, delete or restrict the data we have on you.
  • Request a change to any data permissions you had previously granted.

Your data may be stored in paper files, on mobile devices, and on our computer systems (such as emails, websites, hard drives and cloud-based systems) This information is only accessible to Angel Training administration and clerical staff, our training instructors and if appropriate may be shared with the awarding organisation. Information will only be shared that is relevant and necessary to enable us to deliver our services to you, or for administration purposes relating to the services we offer.

Your information may also be used for the purposes of responding to enquires you have made, or to inform you of developments to specific services. Your data will not be passed onto any other third parties without your consent.

All our online courses are sold under a distributor license. As such the third-party companies Videotile Learning and E Learn may be party to some of your information. Namely:

  • Your name, 
  • Email, 
  • Courses results 
  • Telephone number
  • Previous courses completed with them.

As your personal details are entered directly by yourself into their software, we do not have sole control of the use of this data. We have confirmed with both parties they will not sell on your data, and it will only be used for their own legitimate business data. This may be used to produce reports on sales figures, pass rates, course feedback, or completion times.

If you have any concerns about your data, how it may be used, or you wish to exercise your rights to be forgotten please contact us at If you are aware of any unauthorised disclosures of your personal data, please also inform us so we may investigate and fulfil our own regulatory obligations.

Your privacy is important to us and we take reasonable steps to safeguard this. Sensitive paperwork is sent via secure postage, paper files are stored in locked filing cabinets with only limited personnel access. We will communicate with you via email and by accepting our terms and conditions you have agreed for us to do this unless you specifically state otherwise.

Equal Opportunities
To enable us to ensure that all candidates are treated fairly, and their requirements are fully met, you must advise us in advance of any needs either medical or education that your candidates have that may impact on their ability to undertake the course in full. Angel Training will ensure appropriate reasonable adjustments are made to ensure the candidate can participate in full. Please note that any additional costs incurred for specialist equipment or personnel such as signers or translators will be passed onto you, the client.