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Electrical Safety

Where would we be without electricity? It is the modern wonder, we all use tens of things a day run on electricity, and are undoubtedly reliant on it.

The downside to this modern hero is it cant be detected until someone comes into contact with it. There is no smell, colour or sound, to detect its presence...until there is a problem.

Our electrical safety training will explore UK accident and death statistics. It will look at easy ways to identify and remember the hazards. Do you know how to treat someone who has suffered an electric shock? This course will make sure you are up to date with current first aid practice.

We will explore safety guidelines, and legislation, as well as looking at maintenance plans. Ever wondered who would be best placed to carry out portable appliance tests in your workplace? Wonder no more, we can help you by highlighting the essentials.

Our electrical safety training course is approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and IOSH. Our approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and distributed under licence.



Course Title:
Electrical Safety
Health & Safety

Approx 45 minutes


Upon successful completion you will be able to download a certificate for printing.

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  • Overview of Electricity
  • Benefits of Electricity
  • What is it?
  • How electricity can cause harm
  • Legislation, standards and key steps
  • PAT testing standards
  • Guidance on who to carry out checks.

This course is ideal for anyone working on or near electricity, within their job role. This could include those working in IT, engineering, building, construction, energy suppliers. This is not an exhaustive list!

You are given the chance to review all your answers at the end of each module before final submission and you will be given 3 attempts at each module to achieve a pass rate of 70%.

£27.50 per license (RRP £35)- You will need a separate license for each participant. Discounts are available for bulk purchases of 10 or more licences (across any topics.) Contact us for more details.

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