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Managing Meetings

We have all attended meetings that have been poorly run, a waste of time or held just for the sake of having a meeting. Our managing meetings course, gives you the skills you need, to ensure this is a thing of the past!

The managing meetings course will improve your ability to host productive meetings that are quick, and efficient. Firstly, the course looks at statistics of how important meetings are. Secondly, it examines factors that make meetings great, and practical ways you can adopt these skills. This includes how to handle problems, and to ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

Finally, exploring different decision making tools to ensure successful outcomes are achieved. This course is designed to make you a confident meeting chairperson!

It should be noted this managing meetings course is approved by CPD Certification Service. Our CPD approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and distributed under licence.

Course Title:
Managing Meetings
Business Skills
Approx 60 Minutes
Upon successful completion you will be able to download a certificate for printing.
Certified By:

  • The Basics
  • Planning
  • Preparing an agenda
  • Problems and how to deal with them
  • Techniques for resolving conflict
  • Making decisions

Anyone who may be required to lead meetings. This could be new management, or those wishing to improve their current skills. This course would also be suitable for those looking for promotion, as evidence of them working towards gaining new skills.

You are given the chance to review all your answers at the end of each module before final submission and you will be given 3 attempts at each module to achieve a pass rate of 70%

£27.50 per license (RRP £35)- You will need a separate license for each participant. If you require multiple licenses, more than 10, across any topics. Please contact us to find out about special offers.

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