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Risk Assessment for Early Years

As adults, we are usually able to make our own judgements about the risks that affect us, but babies and children are not able to do this. It is therefore our responsibility to protect not only our own health and safety, but also that of the babies and young children in our care.

This course focuses on tailoring content specifically to those risks within early years. There are a number of relevant Health and Safety legislations to be taken into account, and as  you would expect we also explore Ofsted's guidance and requirements. 

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Course Title:
Risk Assessment for Early Years
Health & Safety | Safeguarding

Approx 120 minutes.


Upon successful completion you will be able to download a certificate for printing.

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  • The importance of risk assessment
  • The 5 steps of risk assessment
  • How to identify hazards
  • Deciding who can be harmed, and how
  • Evaluating risks and taking counter meaures
  • Recording findings and making action plans
  • Reviewing and updating plans
  • Ofsted inspections 
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Premises and equipment
  • Planning outings
  • Sample risk assessments

Anyone woking within early years who may be responsible for undertaking risk assessments. This may include nursery and deputy manager, senior leaders, or room managers. 

Mini knowledge checks throughout the course which can be repeated as many times as necessary. At the end of course a multiple choice test, with 3 attempts to achieve a pass rate of 80%.

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