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Safeguarding Child Basic Awareness

A safeguarding children awareness course suitable for everyone working with children and young people. This would suit those working in both corporate organisations and the voluntary sector. During the course we will explore many factors present within safeguarding, and explore some legislation. It is vital when thinking about safeguarding that we acknowledge unconscious bias, so this will also be explored in discussion.

In addition to this we will cover how to recognise, respond, report and record our concerns, often referred to as "4 R's of safeguarding" We will also explore risk factors for abuse and how to share information appropriately. It is equally important we are alert to the behaviour of fellow colleagues and professionals, so during the course we will also highlight the importance of whistleblowing.  

Policies are essential, but we have to remember it isnt the policy that keeps children safe. It's staff understanding their role and knowing when (and how) to follow up on a suspicion or disclosure of abuse. 

Depending on your role, this may be the only level of training you need, although if you are wishing to act as a designated safeguarding officer you will need additional training.

A digital handout will be sent to the organisation via email. It is also possible to have this as a virtual session, it is still a "live lesson" in the sense its fully interactive but it can be held remotely on zoom if required.

Course Title:
Safeguarding Child Basic Awareness

3 hours

Max. class size:



A digital certificate valid for 2 years issued by the instructor

  • What is meant by safeguarding
  • Legislation
  • Unconscious bias
  • Prevent strategy
  • Categories of abuse (including neglect, sexual, physical, emotional, female genital mutilation, child sexual exploitation, and radicalization)
  • Possible signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Information sharing: Who to share information with, and how
  • Toxic trio
  • Whistleblowing
  • What to do if you have concerns about a child's safety
  • How to respond to a disclosure or suspicion of abuse

This course is ideal for anyone working with either children or young people and their families. The course is suitable for both organisations and voluntary sector workers.

£300 for up to 12 people

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